Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

Act of Contrition by Leslie Sholly (12K)
What Scully does while Mulder cleans up her apartment after the death of Donnie Pfaster.

Affirmation by Laura Sprys (18K)
"As he sat next to her to join her in a well-deserved nap, Mulder wondered if it was about time he began to persuade her to stay the entire night.

Aftermath by BroMichael (12K)
Scully's thoughts following the episode.

Angels Alone [A] by Mickey (27K)
Mulder comforts Scully after her second encounter with Donnie Pfaster

Atomic Split by Pteropod (12K)
The world is glued together by the strong force, the weak force, the electromagnetic force, and gravity.

Black Hole Season by Penumbra (18K)
Mulder muddles through the aftermath of Orison.

Comfort by Shoshana (5K)

Darkness Into Light by Sheryl Martin (17K)
Scully and Mulder ponder the aftermath of Orison

Faith and Little Green Men by aRcaDIaNFall$ (37K)
Mulder offers Scully a chance to talk and she throws him a few questions that find him searching deep in his soul.

Flake by EHR (18K)
Scully is at a crossroads the night she kills Donnie Pfaster.

Hold Me by Shoshana (13K)
Sequel to Comfort.

A House Divided by shannono (7K)
Picks up two seconds after the screen went black.

I Can Eat Glass by Mish (54K)
Third in the Intuitive Reasoning series. A late night distress call shatters the calm.

Imperfect Shadow by Nicknoc (23K)
In a dark time, the eye begins to see, I meet my shadow in the deepening shade.

In The Jungle by Brandon D. Ray (16K)
"Those are the only people who live in the jungle: Us and Them. There are no neutrals; there are no non-combatants; there is no middle ground. Just Us and Them. And the monsters, of course. The monsters are always there."

Intersection by Eleanore (20K)

Intuitive Reasoning by Mish (22K)
You can't fool *all* of the people, *all* of the time.

Legacy of the Reverend by Wylfcynne (32K)
How do Mulder & Scully deal with the aftermath of Pfaster's return?

Making Her Peace by Andrea (20K)

Merciful by shannono (87K)
"For I am merciful, saith the Lord, and I will not keep anger forever." -- Jeremiah 3:12b

Morality Shuffle by PD (20K)
A dance through a dilemma.

Not Yours by SueBee (14K)
Scully reclaims her life, all of it.

Nothing Apart by Dyann Zimmerman (98K)
What happened after the events of the episode

Of Ladies Most Deject and Wretched by Circe Invidiosa & Helen Quilley (16K)
It wasn't a question worth answering...

Penance Enough by Dreamshaper (21K)
To accept comfort is to head down the road to breakdown...

Release [A] by Annette Gisby (15K)
Can Mulder help Scully through her ordeal?

Recriminations by Ally (54K)
Scully battles with her demons in the aftermath of the shooting.

Restored to Grace by Blackwood (42K)
Mulder has a theory. Doesn't he, always?

Sea Changes by Lydx (39K)

Tearing Down The Walls [A] by Shanda Weeks & Cassie (43K)
"I am just pulling away from the curb when she speaks again. 'Mulder, just drive for a while, okay?'"

Unintended Consequences by Sarah Segretti (28K)
Just when you think you know how you'd react to a horrific event, life steps up to surprise you. Scully and Mulder deal with the aftermath of the Pfaster shooting.

Unlikely Intercessor by Agent L (7K)
"It was a righteous shooting. No pun intended."

Waxen Neat by Jennifer Maurer (28K)
"There all the thing are waxen neat, and set in decorous lines."

Welcome to the Healing by Aurora Vere (6K)
Who was at fault in what happened to Donnie Pfaster? Scully knows. Mulder is unconvinced. Is what he says actually the truth? Can there be healing from a sin so great?

What If It Wasn't? by M.K. Marshall (15K)
Mulder brings Scully home.