Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

Accepting Commitment by Donna (12K)
When did she finally accept it?

Accidental Tune by Nynaeve (15K)
From the author: "It's post-"Requiem"; there's exactly one paragraph of baby-fic. So now you either don't have any interest in it or you're thrilled because it's post-"Requiem" and has almost nothing to do with the baby."

Afterthoughts by aka "Jake" (19K)
Requiem posed a thousand questions that now circle unanswered in our minds. In the wake of Mulder's disappearance and Scully's unexpected announcement, we X-Philes are writing, reading and thinking of little else. But what about our favorite heroes and their enemies? What might be going on inside their heads following the events in Requiem?

Almost Family by Donna (10K)
Who is she going to turn to now?

Arms Wide Open by bellefleur (18K)
Mulder reacts to the news that he's going to be a father.

Baggage Claim by Sarah Segretti (12K)
Byers picks up Scully from the hospital.

The Blessing by Erin M. Blair (3K)
What if Mulder wasn't abducted?

Blue Highway by Jori (17K)
Scully has to tell her mother the big news.

Confirmation by nikki (20K)
The Gunmen confirm Scully's fears.

The Crying Room by Christine Leigh (8K)
Third person POV. Scully returns to Bellefleur.

Dreaming of an Unnoticed Life by Christine Leigh (12K)
The time between the scene in the hallway and when Mulder leaves to return to Bellefleur.

First Response by gwinne (8K)
"I bought it on a whim."

Glimpses by Alelou (9K)
Various very quick points of view

Her Strut by Blackwood (22K)
"Oh, they do respect her, but they love to watch her strut."

Hours of Lead by Susanne Barringer (7K)

If Wishes Were Horses by Annette Gisby (5K)
How Scully's family take the news.

Impressions by PD (26K)
Sequel to Lullaby Voice. Doggett, nodding through his own process of evaluation, was immediately struck by and envious of Mulder's relaxed and casual attitude. In jeans, bare feet and a t-shirt, he belonged here.

Life As We Live It [A] by Jaime Lyn (37K)
"She picked up the motel phone on the first ring; she hadn't been sleeping anyway."

Love Letter by MystPhile (18K)
"I'm keeping this for you, Mulder, because I know you'll be back."

Lullaby Voice by PD (53K)
It's about food, kindness, murderous intentions and the stages of waiting.

Missing Time by gwinne (6K)
"Maybe he just knows. I'd like to think he just knows."

Mulder's Prayer by Spookyteacher (3K)
Mulder's thoughts as they flew back to D.C. from Oregon.

Not Without You by Andrea (5K)

Now and in the Hour by Brandon D. Ray (20K)
"Sometimes I dream about a bright, white place."

Of Rubberbands and Paperclips by gwinne (9K)
"She exhaled slowly, gathering her thoughts. 'I'm going crazy, Mom...I feel like I'm being held together with rubberbands and paperclips.'"

Peace in the Quiet by dlynn (6K)
Darkness doesn't invade a room, smothering the light, but light holds back the darkness, illuminating the inky black with even the tiniest flicker of its presence.

Pentimento by Cathleen Faye (19K)
Pentimento is an art term meaning to obscure what was once there, such as painting a new picture over an older one on a canvas. But as it ages, oil paint on canvas can become transparent and slowly, what was there before can be seen again and the whole truth of the picture, once lost and obscured, can be rediscovered. This story of the reunion of Mulder and Scully is much the same.

The Ship by bugs (9K)
"Heaven's in here/Heaven's in her/Among the twilight and star/Like a rocket to mars/Heaven in here" -David Bowie, 'Heaven's In Here'

A Strand of Gold by Andrea (10K)
A thin strand of gold carries a lot of faith.

Upon a Star by Jaime Lyn (18K)
What can Scully believe in, now that Mulder is gone?

Wasting Time by Circe Invidiosa (18K)
Scully has too much time to reflect