Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

Best Laid Plans by Rachel Wilder (15K)
A little fill-in-the-blank to deal with that sweet kiss.

Collapsar by Khyber (10K)
"If there is anything more between us, it doesn't happen because it's New Year's Eve."

Convergent by shannono (5K)
A kiss and a promise.

Curbside by Blackwood (11K)
What harm can come from loving now and well?

Don't Touch That Dial by Polly (31K)
Not an ending, but a beginning.

End of the World [A] by bugs (44K)
When Scully takes Mulder home from the hospital, she brings along her old pals, denial and rationalization.

Fin de Siecle by Brandon D. Ray (21K)
From the author: "Based on reported spoilers for the Season 7 episode 'Millennium.' Crossover with the late, lamented TV series, 'Millennium.' The final scene in that episode, as processed through my fevered, shippy imagination."

In The Moment by PD (26K)
It's hard to be in the moment with someone who's two steps ahead of you. Scully learns to catch up.

Look Back, Look Ahead by Blackwood (12K)
Mulder reflects on the nature of things with a friend.

Marathon by Susanne Barringer (4K)
"Of all the thirty-six alternatives, running away is best." -- Chinese Proverb

Milkshakes at Midnight by Brandon D. Ray (17K)
From the author: "Yeah, yeah, everyone's writing Kissfic, and I had to get in on the fun. :)"

Pointillism by Bonetree (9K)
Scully ponders "the kiss."

Roses by Lara Means (26K)
The kiss that might have been.

A Taste of Fear by Sally Bahnsen (22K)
Mulder faces his fear.

Unbroken Millennium by Caroline McKenna (14K)
Sometimes things break, but can they always be fixed?

The Valor of her Mind by Jean Helms (8K)
Sad thoughts on New Year's Eve.

Very Merry by shannono (23K)
From the author: "So we're expected to believe they didn’t see or speak to each other from sometime before Christmas until December 30? Yeah, *right*."

The World DID End [A] by Wylfcynne (34K)
"'Am I in shock?' he interpreted her question. 'Probably. Aren't you? We WON! We saved the world!'"

The World Didn't End by Devin (7K)
Y2K: Real or fake? Discuss.