Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

Above Minnesota by Cecily Sasserbaum (17K)
Mulder and Scully take a San Francisco-Washington DC flight home.

Flying Lessons by ArtemisX5 (35K)
I'm tired of telling my heart to be still; tired of living without you.

Guessing Game by bellefleur (8K)
She'll always keep him guessing.

In the Dark of Night by Deia (10K)
Mulder helps Scully deal with her fears.

Keep Surprising Me! by Wylfcynne (1K)

More Than Words by salliejohns (11K)
"Well, that's kind of rude. I'll bet your mother raised you better than that, Ms Scully."
"I can guarantee you she didn't raise me to be inviting co-workers into my bathtub."

A Simple Charm by Philiater (36K)
The thief gone with so much, and so much to find the thief; and no satisfaction, no revenge: nor no ill luck stirring but what lights on my shoulders; no sighs but of my breathing; no tears but of my shedding. --The Merchant of Venice, Act III, Scene I, line 30

Thief in the Night by Vickie Moseley (12K)
Scully steps into someone else's shoes.

Weret-Hekau by Khyber (8K)
"Big magic... only needs to believe in you. And trust me, it believes in you."