Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

Adiemus by Jenn Perry (7K)
Mulder reflects on what he has learned.

Blooming by RocketMan (6K)
"He wanted to laugh but he just leaned back instead. 'Today's Valentine's Day, Scully, and I'm a free man.'"

The Cause of the Effect [A] by Lara Means (30K)
When guilt and grief have bled your soul dry, what's left? And who'll pick up the pieces?

Completion by Lara Means (11K)
Coming to terms, forgiving, letting go.

Dear Mom by Polly (8K)
Mulder tries to leave nothing left unsaid.

Emergence by Susan (90K)
Mulder goes to Quonochontaug to sort out his life after the events of Sein Und Zeit and Closure.

The End of the Road by Obfusc8er (16K)
"It was time to move on."

End of Winter by Emma Brightman (16K)
The end of the road doesn't mean the end of the journey.

Final Entry by Shawen A. Greer (10K)
Mulder's final thoughts

Her Epitaph by Shoshana (5K)
"They were the only mourners. There was no body to inter, no clergyman to say any comforting words."

Liberation by Jenna (2K)
The past gives way for the future.

Nothing Left to Lose by Michelle Kiefer (8K)

Probate by Maureen B. Ocks (21K)
The morning after

Release by bellefleur (24K)
Mulder comes to realize what his quest means to Scully.

Sisters Across Time by dlynn (10K)
"Samantha, in the simple words of a child, had conveyed the same things she had felt ever since her abduction. And, as she lay there weeping for Samantha and what she had endured, Scully was forced to acknowledge the bond they shared."

Sleep of the Damned by Susanne Barringer (8K)
"He looks lost, but at this moment I know that he is as found as he's ever been."

Splinter by Ally (18K)

Tevilah [A] by bugs (70K)
A single word on Teena Mulder's medical chart leads Scully and Mulder to a confrontation.

Up In Flames by Nynaeve (25K)
Sequel to Debris Ascending. What happened when they got back to D.C.

Wildwash by OKayVal (7K)
Leaving the past behind...

Winter Stars by Bonetree (11K)
"I wanted to believe."