Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
First Person Shooter

Afterglow [A] by Andrea (9K)
"'I'm not most women, Mulder,' I laughed. 'Most women wouldn't put up with half of what I do. And I'm not talking about your wandering eye.'"

Estrogen Frenzy [A] by Brandon D. Ray (14K)
"You think taking up weapons and creating gratuitous virtual mayhem has any redeeming value? That the testosterone frenzy it creates stops when the game does?" -- Dana Scully, FPS

First Person Finale by Shoshana (22K)
"So they were in a stalemate. He was waiting for her. She was immobilized by fear of the unknown. Well, maybe this weekend was what she'd been waiting for, maybe he would take the hint and make the first move anyway."

First Person Scully by KimK & Sara Bowen (89K)
Scully is feeling unattractive and fed up with being "one of the guys" and decides to venture out and claim her rightful place as a woman.

Game Over [A] by Aurora Vere (6K)
What really happened in those brief moments after the game was over and Mulder and Scully were nowhere to be found? With all the post-conflict hormones running rampant, something was bound to happen.

Getting His Ya-Ya's Out by Jenna (3K)
Mulder gets that birthday present he wanted after all.

Primal Instincts [A] by Dreamshaper (34K)
It wasn't a tone she often heard from her partner, and one that alerted her to the fact that while *his* propensity for trouble was under discussion, *she* was the one in danger.

Reality's Antidote by bcfan (4K)
Solipsism, Mulder-style.

Sex, Violence and Filling in the Gaps by beduini (26K)
A conversation goes slightly off topic