Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
Je Souhaite

Beyond Wishing by JLB (23K)
Mulder and Scully do some late night talking.

Caprice [A] by Diana Battis (75K)
Intimacy does not come without a price

Collection of Moments by beduini (18K)
"There are moments of perfect clarity that stand out amidst the usual day-to-day events that compose a life."

Drive Away [A] by Jori & MoJo (37K)
After sitting through a 'guy flick,' a slightly drunken Scully grants Mulder three wishes and fun ensues.

Equal and Opposite [A] by Flynn (33K)
Caddyshack's on and the beer's cold. The movie may not be deep, but someone's thoughts are.

Foolproof by David Stoddard-Hunt (47K)
Be careful what you wish for

The Fourth Wish by NeoXphile (10K)
Just what *did* Mulder wish for?

Heart's Wish by Jenna (6K)
What if Mulder received more than three wishes?

Meilleurs Voeux by Circe Invidiosa (9K)
Scully grills Mulder on his 3rd wish...

More Specific by SueBee (11K)
Be careful what you wish for...

Movie Night by Jenna (4K)
It's movie night at Scully's house, but apparently different things occur thanks to Mulder's yet unfulfilled third wish.

Of Gophers and Little Green Men by bellefleur (10K)
Mulder contemplates wishes gone awry and looks forward to an evening with his partner.

Partners [A] by Cybill (28K)
What really happened when the Genie came into our dynamic duo's world. Read and find out.

Sandbox [A] by Fialka (54K)
Balance is a hard thing to keep when the sands continue to shift.

Vapor Trail by Khyber (8K)
Scully's not making this too easy.