Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
Brand X

13 Cigarettes by Kimberly M. Thomas (2K)
A conversation about Mulder's new vice.

Addicted by SKK (Alien) (4K)
"What Scully didn't know couldn't hurt her..."

A Brand I Don't Like by Vickie Moseley (39K)
"I don't like panic. I don't like it much at all. It usually precedes something that requires time, effort, and more likely than not, medical resources to overcome."

Breathing Room by Rae Lynn (7K)
A look at Mulder and Scully from Skinner's point of view.

Convalescing [A] by Wylfcynne (21K)

Cravings by Dreamshaper (20K)
'But Mulder had an annoying habit of offering her this unsuspected sweetness, and she had an annoying habit of accepting it, craving it...undoubtedly she would end up addicted to it.'

Curve Ball by Waddles52 (2K)
Another bedside vigil for Scully as Mulder recovers

Gimme Shelter by bugs (32K)
While recovering at Scully's after the events of 'Brand X,' Mulder gets himself in some trouble.

Making Other Plans by Michelle Kiefer (16K)
Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans - John Lennon.

Reprise by Susanne Barringer (5K)
Scully must have noticed the irony of sitting vigil once again in such a short period of time.

Rotation by Vickie Moseley (48K)
3rd person POV. A nurse turned doctor on her pulmonary ward rotation meets up with Mulder & Scully for a second time.

Smoked by Sally Bahnsen and Dawn (104K)
Filling in the blanks through Mulder and Scully's eyes.

Wasted Breath by Rae Lynn (35K)
What if the tobacco beetles left something behind?