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all things

100 Lines from 'all things' by Shoshana (4K)
"She gave him her best Mona Lisa smile and he grinned back, lost for words at first."

The Act of Observing by Sabine (11K)
The act of observing has the effect of changing the observed.

Advent of Morning by PD (13K)
Does fate or chance determine our choices? Is it still fate if we choose the other path?

After Talk by Gallena (3K)
"Mulder loosened his embrace so he could see her face more clearly. 'Out of all the times I imagined this Scully, never once did I dream you'd be such a smart-ass afterwards.'"

After the Afterglow by Mary Parker (13K)
After falling madly into bed with Mulder, Scully has second thoughts. Of course.

After the Tea by Flynn (60K)
She must think I'm asleep.

All Roads by A. Kelley Nolan (25K)
Mulder ponders all things.

All Things Considered by Ally (16K)
What happened between him covering her with a blanket and that *wonderful* Scully voice over the next day?

All Things Considered by Jen Edie (5K)
So how did it happen?

all things revisited by dtg (9K)
From the author: "My first story was based on this episode, but I took the opposite stance regarding whether they 'did it' or not. Inspired by the last scene in Existence, I decided to take another look."

Apparent Inability by Oracle (16K)
Some use words, others use silence.

At This Late Hour by Circe Invidiosa (29K)
Scully recalls what happened after falling asleep on Mulder's couch.

Back To You by Chariot (11K)
Scully reflects on the happenings in "all things" and comes to so me important conclusions. "I think that since we met, we have unconsciously chosen the paths that always lead us back to each other."

Being Us by aRcaDIaNFall$ (6K)
Following on from the last scene.

Choices by Samiam (8K)
"Speak to me, Scully."

Confirmation [A] by Bonetree (5K)
Choices, wings and all things.

Context by dlynn (15K)
"It's mind-boggling, Mulder, to realize all the choices there are, and how each and every one from the tiniest decision we make, to what we perceive as life altering decisions, can impact our lives so tremendously."

Cotton and Down [A] by shannono (8K)
This night is cotton and down, comfort and warmth; tonight, they will be in no hurry.

Dear John by Brandon D. Ray (3K)
Time to start scratching names out of those little black books.

Desire [A] by Alelou (109K)
A would-be alien abductee with designs on her partner and a disturbing encounter with an old lover cause Scully to reassess the nature of her relationship with Mulder.

Eight Bells by Christine Leigh (20K)
"All things had changed for him on that long ago day, and he will continue to be amazed until he goes to his grave that she stayed."

Fate [A] by Nichole (29K)
"Mulder, I want to talk about fate. About our fate."

Finer Things [A] by SueBee (16K)
Life is too short not to enjoy the finer things....

First Time [A] by Donna (11K)
"He finished his sentence before he realized that she had fallen asleep."

Fractal Images by Diana Battis
Sometimes you can't see the circles for the crops

In The Moment by Gwinne (6K)
"'If we only have one choice, one life to choose, I'm so glad,' she said, answering him."

Intercourse by Lydia Bower (15K)
A discussion in the dark.

The Laws of Intergenerational Relationships by Jean Helms (7K)
The First Law of Intergenerational Relationships: "Just because he reminds you of your father, it doesn't mean he thinks of you as a daughter."
The Second Law of Intergenerational Relationships: "When you're really ready to grow up, you'll stop falling in love with men who remind you of your father."

It Was Her Destiny by Erin M. Blair (5K)
Scully reflects of how her destiny led her to her heart's content: Mulder.

King of the World by Caroline McKenna (14K)
Mulder and Scully discover their true path by means of the bullfrog.

Learning Curve [A] by Andrea (33K)
"As soon I laid down, Scully scooted right over next to me. Apparently she really had started looking at things differently--me included."

Like a Light Tap on the Shoulder by allimarie (23K)
From the author: "So, you think you've heard all there is to hear about post-ep all things? You think you have pictured everything there is to picture? You think you have considered every possibility? Well, maybe you have. But unless you read *this* you'll never really know, will you?"

Loose Ends by Vickie Moseley (11K)
"Later, he decided to blame the detour on the 14th Street Bridge for his odd route."

Maggie's Tale by MystPhile (19K)
Maggie (Daniel's daughter in all things) reveals what young Dana Scully was like. Also includes the missing Maggie/Scully conversation.

Momentary Deviation by TLynn (8K)
"'We all have regrets, Scully, but no,' he says thoughtfully. 'Not if it meant I wouldn't be here with you right now.'"

Necessary Things by SueBee (4K)
"'Mulder, I want to get into it. Tonight. Now.'"

Never Slowing Down by Erin M. Blair (1K)
While in the office, Scully reflects why she doesn't want to go off chasing crop circles with Mulder.

Night Song by Zuffy (11K)
A woman awakens on a couch.

Nowhere Special [A] by Blackwood (41K)
A back seat rendezvous that immediately follows the events of Lydia Bower's story, "Intercourse." It sets the mood well.

Second Beginning by TLynn (10K)
" was beyond her comprehension how she could've ever even considered anything over all she already had."

Shadow Dancing by Susanne Barringer (14K)
A different perspective on the teaser and beyond.

Shadows of Morning by Shawen A. Green (6K)
Scully's further reflection of her life.

Speak to Me by MystPhile (19K)
Scully is introspective.

Surely Not The Devil by Circe Invidiosa (14K)
Mulder gets a most unexpected and unwelcome visitor in his office.

Touch the Moon by Pteropod (7K)
"'If you want to be forgiven for anything, now's the time to ask. I'm feeling benevolent.'"

Two Fish Swimming by Rachel Anton (19K)
Mulder thinks about astrology and other things.

Visitation [A] by Jori (21K)
"'Are you going to head home now?' I ask while rinsing off a cup. She doesn't answer and for just a second I assume she's already gone.

'No, I'm not,' she answers, her voice soft and sleepy."

Where We Ought To Be by Michelle Kiefer (10K)
"If life were a movie, they might have made passionate love to a crescendo of lush music, but the reality of jet lag and emotional exhaustion made a night spent holding each other more practical. She slept in the warm shelter of his arms, smiling to herself with the knowledge that it was a matter not of 'if' but of 'when,' and that 'when' was going to be soon."