Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
The Sixth Extinction/Amor Fati

Battles Won by shannono (8K)
To the victor goes the spoils.

The Breakfast Club by bcfan (8K)
Nurturing a relationship - one breakfast at a time.

Capitulation [A] by Wylfcynne (29K)
"'We're drugged. If we don't capitulate, we die.'"

Death Becomes Her by MystPhile (16K)
Scully knows more about Diana than she reveals to Mulder.

Elegy with the Sound of the Ocean Inside It [A] by Bonetree (20K)
Before Mulder saw his visions of the future, he saw visions of the past and present, as well.

The Falling Cease by Rae Lynn (3K)
I want to check your stitches, she says.

Fati Accompli by Vickie Moseley (35K)
After Scully walked away from Mulder standing in his doorway, what was she thinking?

Have You Looked for Him Here? by Brandon D. Ray (2K)
Scully prays.

Her Final Act by Rebecca Ford (13K)
"'I'm thinking, Agent Scully. I'm always thinking,' was the only reply Diana could muster."

Just By Existing by Dreamshaper (18K)
"It was just a dream," he said, voice as tender as his eyes. "A fantasy I'd never really want to live. One I couldn't live. You weren't part of my life, Scully. No way could I really have gone on like that."

My Constant by Vickie Moseley (17K)
Fill in the blank, like the quantum leap from the DOD to Mulder's apartment.

My Gem by Shoshana (15K)
"She always finds me, always collects me, takes me home and makes me whole again. When she came and got me from wherever I was, I knew instinctively I was out of danger, that no one could harm me anymore."

The Next Breath by PD (12K)

Night Chant [A] by Wylfcynne (99K)
From the author: "This starts the moment after the camera cuts away at the end of Amor Fati: when Mulder retreats back into his apartment and closes the door after Scully leaves. It ends before Hungry, except for the Epilogue, which takes place after Requiem. This story, at one level, is my take on why M&S seemed so relaxed and comfortable together through most of Season 7."

Ravings of a Madman by Pattie (2K)
What is Mulder thinking when he attacks Skinner?

Recovery by Ten (126K)
Mulder's physical retrieval, recuperation and more retrieval - this time of memories - during and after "Amor Fati".

Red Seeps In by NeoXphile (5K)
Why didn't I kiss her?

Seen and Unseen by Michelle Kiefer (13K)
Scully reflects as she brings Mulder home from the hospital.

Suspicions by nikki (24K)
Sometimes a videotape doesn't tell the whole story.

Sympathetic Vibration by Blackwood (5K)
Scully "speaks" her heart.

Twice by Susanne Barringer (3K)
A little bit of Scully's journal, written during the long trip from the Ivory Coast back home to Mulder.

Twin Paradox, A New Interpretation by bcfan (14K)
"Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love." - Albert Einstein

Unbalanced by Noelle Leithe (11K)
It's Mulder's first day back at work after his brain surgery, and Scully's wondering what, exactly, has changed.

When I Dream, I Dream of White Horses by bugs (109K)
Scully has her own visions as she struggles to save Mulder.

Willing Sacrifice by Agent L (6K)
"Are you willing to sacrifice yourself to the truth?" --Albert Hosteen, Anasazi

Your Beautiful Mind by MystPhile (14K)
The portion of Scully's journal that precedes the "beautiful mind" quote