Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
Hollywood A.D.

Diamonds on the Soles of Their Shoes by Michelle Kiefer (9K)
The problem with getting what you want is that it can be taken away from you.

Falling Hard by bellefleur (18K)
So much for no ifs, ands, or bees.

Hollywood Home Run by Shoshana (7K)
"She just smiled, extended her hand and said, 'Okay, Prince Charming, time to go back to the castle.' 'Only in Hollywood, Scully. Only in Hollywood.'"

Hungry by aRcaDIaNFall$ (10K)
Mulder, Scully, one bathtub and an ice-cream sundae. Who is seducing who?

Idaho Shoes by Mish (34K)
Fourth in the Intuitive Reasoning series. Who needs glass slippers when there are Idaho shoes?

In The Clear by TLynn (12K)
"Everyone needs an escape, after all..." -- a much-needed break from the angst of life.

L.A. Story by Ten (33K)
Two special agents loose in Los Angeles with a credit card...but some things don't require a charge card.

No Ifs, Ands, or Bees by KimK (17K)
What happened after the tragic movie premiere?

Right Now [A] by SueBee (13K)
Sequel to So Right.

The Rise and Fall of A.P. Skinner by Peggy (70K)
Skinner learns the hard way that most household (or hotel) accidents occur in the bathroom.

So Right [A] by SueBee (28K)
Truth is sweeter than fiction.

Succumbing [A] by ArtemisX5 (15K)
"'One screaming fan would have been nice.' He nodded at the doormen as they passed into the lobby.
'Want me to scream for you, Mulder?' she said through her teeth, smiling at Skinner across the lobby."

Your Tax Dollars at Work by bugs (56K)
"We're alive, Mulder, we're relatively young, we're in Hollywood for the evening, and Skinner was so tickled by the movie, he gave me a bureau credit card for the night, Uncle Sam's treat..."