Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

And I Forgot (To Tell You I Love You) by Jennifer Maurer (10K)
All it takes are 3 little words...

Angles and Planes by Vickie Moseley (17K)
Hey, it's the Bermuda Triangle.

Belief by Lisa (5K)
Scully's thoughts as she remains at the hospital.

Complicated Dreams by Dreamshaper (9K)
"I hope he dreams complicated dreams, and wakes up remembering to make them reality."

Dream a Little Dream [A] by Lara Means (33K)
Sequel to Sweet Dreams. "What do you want, Scully?" / "What I can't have."

False Assumptions [A] by mimic117 (17K)
Mulder's been thinking about Scully's "oh brother" at the hospital for the last week. The more he thinks, the madder he gets. It's time to show her he wasn't joking.

Made Perfect by mimic117 (9K)
Scully's rejection really rankled, and Mulder plans to tell her so. But he wants to get it right the first time.

Mutually Assured Destruction by A. Kelley Nolan (15K)
Scully thinks "I love you" is a shitty thing to say. Mulder disagrees. Denouement.

Once More From The Heart by salliejohns (3K)
"It was time, high time, to make things right."

The Other Scully by TCS1121 (7K)
How did Mulder's one-day visit affect the "other" Scully's life?

Parallels by Chad K. Tanaka (21K)
Mulder and Scully discuss the Queen Anne after his retrieval from the Bermuda Triangle in a quiet hotel room. Meanwhile, the mysterious Uber-Scully contemplates her decisions with the help of a German spy.

Submersion by Oracle (22K)
"You know I'll always save you from drowning." "You always do. You always keep my head above water."

Sweet Dreams [A] by Lara Means (34K)
"Mulder... what did you mean? 'I love you'?"

Un-Scully by shannono (4K)
Scully rants to herself, and deservedly so, following the final scene.