Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
Rain King

Bovine Dreams of Flight by Vickie Moseley (8K)
"What was the nature of your injury and the circumstances of the accident."

Calm Before the Storm by Brandon D. Ray (15K)
"But somehow, standing there next to her in the high school gym, watching all the happy couples dancing in each other's arms, Mulder had felt lost and incomplete, as if something vital was still missing."

Got Milk? [A] by Shanda Weeks & Cassie (24K)
"We were swaying, ever so slightly to the music - 'Over the Rainbow' if you can believe it - that was being pumped into the gym. We were almost dancing."

Kroner by DM (17K)
"He moves closer and whispers, 'do I do it for you, Scully?' He glances down to my lips and a breath hitches in my throat. He licks his lips and continues, 'do I flip your switch?'"

The Lexicon of Scully [A] by Lysandra (29K)
Ever since Kroner, Mulder can't seem to keep his cool around Scully.

Like a Switch Has Been Flicked by Brandon D. Ray (8K)
Scully tries to explain to us when and how her switch was flicked.

Of Pots and Kettles by Mickey (8K)
Mulder and Scully talk on the plane back to DC.

Of Ruminants and Men by Onemillionand9 (6K)
What 'is' Mulder's religious affiliation, anyway?

Pillow Talk by Alelou (6K)
Mulder and Scully sharing a room after the Kroner High School reunion.

Raining, Pouring by Ten (75K)
After their trip to Kroner, Kansas, Mulder makes his move. Scully panics. Cue a downpour.

Save the Best for Last by Caroline McKenna (7K)
What if something else happened in the gym?

Stormy Weather [A] by Lara Means (52K)
Pop quiz. You're in a small motel room that you're being forced (oh yeah, force me some more) to share with your gorgeous, sexy, delectable partner. There's only one bed, and it's smaller than your queen size at home. What do you do?

Tlaloc's Time [A] by Finn (83K)
The events during the episode lead Mulder and Scully to revelations about their relationship and finally to action.

Truth or Dare [A] by Adrienne (30K)
Mulder and Scully have a wicked game of Truth or Dare while sharing that hotel room in Rain King.

When Cows Fly by bellefleur (19K)
They may prefer separate rooms, but what happens when our two agents have to share?