Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

About This Marriage Thing... by Susan (3K)
"Pretending we were married for the past three days wasn't that bad, was it?"

The American Dream Florimell (Made of Snow) (13K)
While undercover in Arcadia Falls, Mulder and Scully deal with their feelings towards each other and discover what the American dream really means to them.

And a Silver Sixpence [A] by Teigen (31K)
What happened behind closed doors at The Falls at Arcadia?

Anti-Domestic Disturbance by Jaime Lyn (7K) - "Eventually, he thought, in that five-am sort of insane sleeplessness, they'd both have to get out of the car."

Arcadian Rings by Chad K. Tanaka (39K)
Scully wrestles with the aftermath of her undercover mission with Mulder at Arcadia.

Avowed by Dawn M. Pares (8K)
A proposal that has nothing to do with weddings.

Channeling Laura by Mish (13K)
Scully finds out she *can* do a very good Laura Petrie impersonation.

Childish Ways by Nynaeve (25K)
Scully's feelings about that ring in "Arcadia" and some resolutions of past events.

Close to Normal by PD (19K)
What name brand of a normal life do you buy? And when isn't it enough anymore?

Dreams by Elizabeth L. Iacono (29K)
Scully decides she wants to get to know Mulder better.

The Fallout From Arcadia [A] by Ten (79K)
On the way back to the San Diego field office after "Arcadia", Mulder is involved in an accident. He wakes up believing that he and Scully are Mr & Mrs Rob Petrie...

Last Night in Arcadia by Sara B. (5K)
Mulder reflects on the cause of the rift between Scully and he the night before they return to DC from the case in Arcadia.

Lunch with Tara, Dinner with John by Sarah Segretti (55K)
What Scully did while Mulder was trashing mailboxes, planting flamingos and drinking orange juice.

Playing House by shannono (14K)
Fill-in-the-blanks for "Arcadia," Scully POV.

Playing House 2 by Brandon D. Ray (13K)
Companion piece to Playing House. Mulder's thoughts during the episode. Frightening idea, isn't it?

Ten Reasons by Blackwood (44K)
On a late night flight home, Scully tries to convince herself that a platonic relationship is just fine. Mulder has other ideas.

Thank you for Shopping at K-Mart by Brandon D. Ray (18K)
From the author: "You gotta figure that the FBI evidence room wouldn't have been able to provide Moose and Squirrel with quite *everything* they needed for playing house together, right?"

Typo by allimarie (51K)
The path to Hell is paved with good intentions. And miscommunications.