Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
The Unnatural

Backstop [A] by Fialka (17K)
From the author: "Yup, it's PWP, post-ep Unnatural, and everybody's done it."

Centerfield by shannono (4K)
Playing games, Mulder and Scully style.

Contact by Mish (16K)
The second part of Scully's birthday present.

A First Time For Everything by Polly (39K)
There's a first time for everyone, as unnatural as it may seem.

The Heart of the Mystery by Brandon D. Ray (6K)
What was Arthur Dales thinking during "The Unnatural"?

Looking Elsewhere by Erin M. Blair (3K)
What if Scully replied to Mulder's comment about looking elsewhere? What would happen?

Rounding Third by mimic117 (4K)
What if it was a spectator sport?

Simple by Susanne Barringer (4K)
"Tonight you gave me an invaluable gift."

Sixty-One Home Runs by Alicia K. (5K)
After the camera panned away ...

Swinging for the Fences by Brandon D. Ray (6K)
What was Scully thinking during that final scene?