Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
Three of a Kind

I'm Gonna Kick Their . . . by Vickie Moseley (11K)
"Let's just say this will be the *last* time I get tricked into running off to Vegas," she said discreetly.

Las Vegas Gamble by Shoshana (9K)
Mulder flies out to be with Scully in Las Vegas.

Luck Be a Lady Tonight by Jennifer Maurer (15K)
A late night heart-to-heart between a drunken Byers and the scrumptious Agent Scully.

Party Girl by Pattie (5K)

Playback by Brandon D. Ray (8K)
From the author: "Anybody but me wonder what Scully was doing between the time she left Langly at the morgue and Frohike found her in the hotel bar?"

Playing Poker [A] by Finn (64K)
Mulder picks up Scully from the airport and then...

Rest Stop by Allronix (21K)
Companion to Luck Be a Lady Tonight by Jennifer Maurer. "By the time I get there, the rage has extinguished itself mostly. I'm just tired. The casino bar is still open and serving. Las Vegas has no sense of time. Apparently, neither does the man who's sitting at the bar, nursing what is far from his first drink of the evening."

Sidetrip to Nevada by Devin (15K)
When in Nevada...