Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

All the Places by Ambress (17K)
Scully comes to get Mulder out of the funny farm.

Assurances by PD (35K)

Chasing Away Nightmares by Shoshana (9K)
Mulder reflects on the past few days of his life.

Far Lesser Things by Nynaeve (92K)
Sequel to Things Not Seen. Scully returns from Africa after making some interesting discoveries. Will they help her save Mulder?

Flying Blind by Sheryl Martin (5K)
Scully ponders a few things on the way to the Ivory Coast.

An Illusion Caused By Distance by nikki (15K)
Scully, Mulder, the ocean, Diana--what are they hiding under their cool facades?

A Less Certain World by Sarah Segretti (67K)
A fragile and frightened Mulder, traumatized by the events of "Biogenesis," turns to an unexpected source for help.

The Link [A] by bugs (11K)
Deeply affected by what she's seen in Africa, Scully rushes to be with Mulder in the hospital, and they find a new way to communicate.

Out of Our Minds by Sarah Segretti and haphazard method (85K)
Two very private people suffer through the ultimate invasion of privacy: Mulder's new and unwanted sixth sense.

Stunned by Vickie Moseley (21K)
"This is a panic button, it's really simple. You just push this red button the minute you feel he's getting too wild. We'll be standing here with a jacket. If drugs won't settle him, Doc says we have to go for the 'old fashioned' method."

Things Not Seen by Nynaeve (35K)
"Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." Hebrews, 11:1

Watching Fox by Alelou (18K)
Mrs. Mulder is somewhat reluctantly drafted into keeping Mulder safe while Scully goes to the Ivory Coast.

What I Heard by shannono (6K)
What did Mulder hear?

Yikaisdahi by Maureen B. Ocks
Scully and Mulder deal with the issues in BioGenesis.