Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
Two Fathers/One Son

Atomic-Powered Sex by Ten (20K)
As colonisation sweeps the land, salvation is at hand.

Breathing Room by Shoshana (13K)
What happened afterward.

Grand Canyon Suite by Michelle Kiefer (16K)

Hot Shower by Susanne Barringer (19K)
Mulder and Scully get decontaminated, among other things.

I Want to Believe by Vickie Moseley (14K)
Scully, the Gunmen, a bottle of tequila and only one lime.

Inside the Cards by Oracle (27K)
She left him there in the dark with her lie, and now the truth won't leave her alone.

The Moment That Mattered by Christine Leigh (16K)
Love actually does mean sometimes having to say you're sorry, or more importantly, wanting to.

Personal by DM (13K)
“Making it personal isn’t easy, but it sure is rewarding.”

Sleeping with the Enemy by KimK (16K)
"'God, Mulder, you don't get it do you? You shouldn't have had to look for anything. Since when did my word lose its credibility? Since when did you have to find a reason to believe me? When it involves cases and theories that is one thing. But when it involves us . . .'"

Something Matters by Devin (13K)
Sequel to Nothing Else Matters. He made a really big mistake.

To Destroy Us by aRcaDIaNFall$ (11K)
What happens when Mulder and Scully arrive at the smoldering El Rico Air Force Base?

The Woman in the Mirror by PD
Vignettes about denial, betrayal, honesty, love and acceptance. It's the Kubler-Ross book of love.