Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

Alpha Remix by probe (49K)
What happenned when you weren't looking?

Full Moon [A] by bugs (19K)
Bathed in the light of a full moon, Mulder discovers that we are all animals under our thin skins.

Green-Eyed Monster by Jenna (4K)
The Green-Eyed monster rears it's ugly little head.

Introit in E by Brandon D. Ray & shannono (10K)
Mulder, Scully, and the Information Superhighway.

Lone Wolf by Alelou (4K)
"Scully says Karen Berquist thought she had found a kindred spirit in me."

Under a Wolf Dog Moon [A] by OKayVal (11K)
"Don't underestimate a woman."