Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
How the Ghosts Stole Christmas

And to All a Good Night by Emmyjean (15K)
"Besides, they were just going to wake up tomorrow morning, compose themselves, and never acknowledge that it happened. That's the way they's the way they've always been."

Childlike by shannono (4K)
Everyone should be a child at Christmas

Christmas Ghosts by Donna (14K)
Scully gets a wake up call and it goes from there.

Gifted by shannono (10K)
Mulder asks Scully a loaded question.

Having a Happy X-mas by Ten (45K)
Let's continue Christmas morning 1998...

If Walls Could Talk by bcfan (6K)
Measuring the pulse of time.

Little Deaths by Caroline McKenna (10K)
Everyone dies a little.

Not a Hallmark Kind of Guy by Brandon D. Ray (53K)
Bill Scully narrates what happened on Christmas day.