Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

Bedtime Stories by Polly (36K)
Mulder tells Scully a bedtime story.

Circles Round The Sun by Tabula Rasa (7K)
Turns out Mulder *is* handling it well.

Fall From Grace by Aurora Vere (17K)
One fall from grace cannot eject a great man from paradise.

In The End by Agent L (3K)
Mulder cleans out his office.

Is That Oil There Is? by Addicted2fanfic (10K)
Scully meets the Agents returning from the Texas oil rig.

Memory and Other Things by Spookyteacher (22K)
Mulder and Scully discuss some things we never got to see them discuss in real time.

Past Midnight by aRcaDIaNFall$ (5K)
Mulder is out of the FBI for good. How does he deal with those first few hours?

State of Love and Trust by X-Phylia (20K)
"The X-Files were my only hope to find my way back to who I way back to you."