Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

all the way home by Vickie Moseley (12K)
Skinner doesn't understand how Scully can be so calm.

And So It Goes by salliejohns (1K)
"Ironic then that tonight, as she sinks into deep, dreamless sleep, absurd, unimaginable dreams become reality."

Awakened by Donna (24K)
He's home, but so much is different.

Blue by Christine Leigh (2K)
"Blue is all there is."

Colder by Oracle (4K)
Somewhere between "ashes to ashes" and "dust to dust" the cold crept under her skin.

Confronting the Facts by Vickie Moseley (10K)
Continuing the scene after the door closed

Dead Fish by Rachel Wilder (9K)
Another death makes it hard for Scully to move on.

Dishes by myblackrose (6K)
Scully's thoughts on how her life has changed.

Duet by Agent L (3K)
Scully and Mulder, together again.

The Healing Process by Nichole (12K)
An outside character's POV on "Dead/Alive".

Joy and Sorrow by Vickie Moseley (12K)
Maggie gets a late night call.

Low Tide by Emma Brightman (10K)
"Talk of credit cards and pay phones feels as surreal as everything else he's heard in the past few hours. He tries to relax against the pillows as the ceiling resumes its twirling."

Mine and Yours by bfat (11K)
From the author: "How I like to imagine the continuation of the last scene, but sort of disregards canon because in my world Mulder isn't such a jackass."

Okay For Now by Pattie (4K)
What we didn't hear Mulder and Scully say, and what we didn't see.

Perchance to Dream by Agent L (9K)
Mulder has a bad dream after leaving the hospital.

Resurrection Day by Emma Brightman (8K)
"Until recently, seeing things as they really are has served him well; lately it only leaves him feeling impotent and useless."

Second Wind by Michelle Kiefer (7K)
Who knew that second wind blew so damn cold?

Signs of Life [A] by mountainphile (112K)
Sequel to Waiting in Motion. A frantic ride into the night leads Scully to witness the greatest miracle of her life...

A Simple Thing by X-Phylia (12K)
A tormented, paranoid Mulder finds comfort in a simple thing.

Sleepless in Annapolis by Agent L (3K)
Skinner's thoughts as he watches Scully and Mulder.

Vertigo by KimK (21K)
Scully tries to be Mulder's refuge when he can't seem to deal with all the changes he has returned to.

Waking by Donna (3K)
Mulder's alive

The Widow and the Orphan by aka "Jake" (52K)
ReturnFic, DivergentPlotFic, You'llNeverSeeThisFromCCFic, call it what you want. The gist is this: Mulder returns. Danger follows. He needs a place to hide. We learn lots of stuff CC has neglected to mention.

Wish List by Agent L (4K)
Mulder thinks about what he wants.

With Him by dtg (5K)
Scully and Mulder's reunion through the eyes of another.