Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

2 AM by OKayVal (4K)
It's the middle of the night, but no one is asleep.

Accepting Existence by Donna (12K)
What happened after Mulder arrived in Georgia

Blessing by aRcaDIaNFall$ (5K)
Scully counts her blessings.

The Card by Florimell (Made of Snow) (8K)
Skinner pays a visit to Scully's apartment to visit Baby William and notices some changes.

Cutting to the Chase by PD (96K)
"You know, Scully, you don't have to qualify our relationship to anyone. Not even to your brother."

Dreamers by dtg (6K)
Scully's two favorite men take a nap.

First Night by Rachel Wilder (7K)
Mulder and Scully spend their first night at home with the baby.

Further to Fly by Michelle Kiefer (8K)
There may come a time / When you'll be tired / As tired as a dream that wants to die / And further to fly. -Further to Fly - Paul Simon

Heaven on Earth by Flynn (17K)
Peace can be found in the most unlikely of places.

Home Ec. [A] by ArtemisX5 (42K)
Picking up the pieces after Existence

Led By The Light by Maddict (11K)
Mulder connects with his family before he is torn away again.

Last Night by Spookyteacher (9K)
Mulder and Scully's last night together before she left with Reyes.

Normalcy by Devin (4K)
2 pairs of agents deal with the aftermath

On Your Back by Vickie Moseley (6K)
Mulder sees his family for the first time.

Outside In by A. Kelley Nolan (20K)
Mulder and Skinner share a beer and a moment.

Paternity by aka "Jake" (23K)
Who is little Will's daddy?

Planning Parenthood by Andrea (10K)

Shower Therapy by ArtemisX5 (14K)
Mom, Dad and baby at home and happy.

Tapakah [A] by aka "Jake" (8K)
Alex Krycek dead? I don't think so. The man is a damn cockroach. He could outlast a nuclear holocaust, an alien invasion, and the Second Coming. Turn over a rock and he'll be there.

Ten'imuhou by MeGgiE42 (4K)
Mulder can't believe that the perfect sight in front of him can really be real.

There For The Taking by aRcaDIaNFall$ (7K)
Missing scene after Mulder 'rescues' Scully and the baby.

Unspoken by dtg (6K)
So how did Skinner find out about the baby's paternity?

Vows by gwinne (16K)
"Part of him knew that it was all a fantasy--the quiet labor, the water birth in a homey suite--and that the real thing would be dangerous and out of her control."