Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
This Is Not Happening

And We Drown by Agent L (5K)
Mulder returns to a familiar place.

Another Miracle by Shoshana (5K)
"I have failed you Mulder."

Down The Drain (Dans l'herbe) by Aurora Vere (10K)
Scully attempts to go beyond the call of duty to find out what happened to Mulder.

Endings by dtg (9K)
The long-awaited moment when Scully finds Mulder left some unanswered questions. Why didn't Skinner tell her Mulder's condition before he let her find him that way?

Faith by Spangle (6K)
Continuing Scully and Skinner's conversation about starlight

From The Book of the Prophet by David Stoddard-Hunt (24K)
Who am I now? I am Scully. I will always be Scully.

He Left The Light On by Jaime Lyn (44K)
What do you do with death? Time passes in moments....

Her Days, Dipped as if in Karo Syrup by David Stoddard-Hunt (23K)
Pre-partum depression

Illusionary by Noelle Leithe (9K)
She belongs to no one. Least of all to him.

Loss by Devin (2K)
"I need him, Mom."

A Mother Always Knows by Rachel Wilder (9K)
Maggie Scully is called to Montana.

One Star Belongs to You by Michelle Kiefer (7K)
Away beyond the blue, one star belongs to you.

The Only Truth That Matters by Chariot (4K)
From the author: "This is a short look into what Scully might have been thinking in the days and months following the events of This is Not Happening and before DeadAlive. Written Momento Mori journal style."

Putting on a Long, Black Skirt by allimarie (5K)
"She had to get dressed. Instinctively, she avoided following the thought any further. There was no aspiration higher than the donning of a skirt."

To Absent Friends by Lara Means (18K)
"You lost more than just an agent, didn't you? You considered Agent Mulder a friend too."