Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

20 Minutes or It's Free [A] by Andrea (7K)
What kind of guarantee comes with your pizza?

A Family Tradition by salliejohns & Shoshana (19K)
"'It's *his* family's doll... in *my* family's chair.' She lowered her eyes and spoke so softly her mother could hardly hear her. 'I think it's the beginning of a new family tradition.'"

Lithium Sunset by Michelle Kiefer (9K)
I've been scattered I've been shattered / I've been knocked out of the race / But I'll get better / I feel your light upon my face. -Lithium Sunset. Sting, Mercury Falling CD, 1996

Not-Quite Daughter by gwinne (17K)
"A family isn't something you are, Mulder, it's something you work towards, become a part of."

Private Party by Christine Leigh (5K)
Scully and the pizza man spend a little quiet time together.

Quero Veritas by Rachel Wilder (9K)
Who is the father of Scully's baby?

Setting The Record Straight by salliejohns (5K)
Mulder apologizes for being a jerk.

Sucker Bet by Susanne Barringer (10K)
There's one thing to which Doggett had a hard time adjusting after Mulder's return.