Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
One Breath

After One Breath by Macspooky (10K)
Mulder goes to see his reawakened partner. During his second visit they are alone together.

As I'm Sailing Toward You by Pattie (2K)
A poem that could easily be the thoughts of Scully as she fights past the after effects of her abduction.

As She Lay Dying by YappiChick (5K)
"Scully is more important to me than the Truth."

Days of Grace by Philiater (16K)
"I feel, Scully, that you believe you're not ready to go. And you've always had the strength of your beliefs. I don't know if my being here will help bring you back. But I'm here."

False Requiem by Christine Leigh (10K)
Takes place after the teaser for "One Breath," but before Scully's return.

The Fine Thread of Sanity by Lara Means (24K)
I should've done more. Should've warned her how dangerous it could be. Should've tried harder to find her. Should've killed that smoking son of a bitch when I had the chance. Should've... should've found a way to keep her safe.

Forever Love by Megan Harris (4K)
While Scully is in her coma, she comes to Mulder in a dream.

Our Breath [A] by Donnilee (17K)
Epiphanies are had after Scully regains consciousness and returns home after her abduction

Renewed by Stephanie (7K)
Between the time when Melissa and Margaret Scully leave and Dana asks about nurse Owens, Mulder comes back for some one-on-one with Scully, and the two do a little talking and a little more.

Saints and Poets by Christine Leigh (4K)
Does she want to go back?

Set in Stone by Jennifer Maurer (14K)
Before he found her ova, before he was dying of a brain disease, there was another secret that Mulder kept from Scully. She's about to find out what it is.

Taking a Second Breath by Donna (4K)
Later that night, after she woke up

The Third Ring by Christine Leigh (2K)

The Yellow Chair by Jennifer Maurer (23K)
Out with the old, in with the new.