Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
Colony/End Game

Aftermath by Judith A. Waples (10K)
An emotional epilogue to the family trouble left after the episode.

By Coincidence [A] by Cathleen Faye (222K)
Mulder's recovery from his brush with death in the Arctic Circle brings about a day of introspection as he struggles to get through a Sunday. Across town Scully and her sister discover a moment from Mulder's past that causes her to question whether she really knows her partner. Mulder would probably call it fate whereas Scully would call it coincidence, but either way, something draws them to the same place at the same time where they'll straighten it all out.

Candles of Ice by Ten (39K)
With Mulder still unconscious from the retrovirus, Scully faces a lonely birthday in Alaska.

Dream a Little Dream [A] by Donnilee (7K)
Mulder has a dream while waiting to be contacted by the bounty hunter.

Friendly Skies by Vickie Moseley (20K)
Mulder and Scully have company at the airport.

Home by Michele Blankenship (12K)
Mulder returns to his parents immediately after recovering from his ordeal in the Arctic.

IOU by Jenna (5K)
"Let's play that game of Stratego now."

Redrawing The Line by Ten (121K)
Scully's abduction and return, near-death, clarified Mulder's feelings towards her - now Scully finds herself in the same situation when Mulder is affected by the retrovirus. If she can save him, will things then go back to normal?