Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

Avalon Aftermath [A] by Donnilee (13K)
After a month of quarantine, Mulder and Scully put their priorities in order.

Facta Non Verba [A] by Polly (28K)
Actions speak louder than words

Friend by mountainphile (6K)
What might have followed after decontamination quarantine

Level 4 Boredom by aka "Jake" (9K)
"Scully and I are in the third day of a month-long quarantine, undergoing level 4 decon procedures. We are so far without symptoms of fungal contamination." -- Mulder in "Firewalker"

Party Line by bcfan (7K)
Mulder loves surprises.

Walking Across Fire by Vickie Moseley (6K)
Mulder has to choose, but is the choice his to make?