Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

Ardent Hope by ArtemisX5 (11K)
Scully: not as innocent as advertised.

Bits of Now and Then by Christine Leigh (14K)
Scully POV alternating with flashback scenes with Mulder.

Caution to the Wind [A] by Spangle (36K)
"Whatever I have to do to see him...I will see him."

Coolin' My Heels by Zoonr (11K)
Mulder reflects on his time in the desert with Gibson, and what he thinks of as his family.

Juxtaposition by Dyann Zimmerman (26K)
Scully's thoughts and correspondence about her life surround a mysterious visitor.

Okunen Itsumademo by MeGgiE42 (6K)
They had come so close, merely inches from ending the hopelessness of being kept apart...