Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

Another Woman's Child by Spangle (2K)

Black Bicycles by Bonetree (10K)
"And through the strobed spokes of the bicycles I saw my son...a sailor on the shore of that dark and silent sea."

Hypothetical by gwinne (9K)
"Life, she's decided, is a series of moments that you never thought it possible to imagine."

Maybe by bellefleur (12K)
Scully's greatest fear is how Mulder will react when he finds out what she has done--that is, IF he's still alive.

Reasons for Living by Samantha L. Caldwell (9K)
This is the absence of hope.

What Must a Mother Go Through? by bellefleur (8K)
Imagine all a woman's hopes and dreams for her child, and then fate turns so cruel. What must a mother go through?