Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
The Truth

About Love by salliejohns (3K)
It's about love. . .

Almost by Mary Parker (7K)
Another quiet night in the car, like and unlike all the others.

Another Man's Son by Polly (39K)
Skinner breaks the news about William to Mulder

Anywhere But Here by Pattie (2K)
"It's about time we were anywhere but here."

Catalyst by TLynn (13K)
"The time, finally, was at hand."

Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate [A] by Donnilee (261K)
Desperate times bring old friends and old enemies together as they search for a solution to save the world from super soldiers.

Doorways by allimarie (4K)
Mulder takes a moment to consider his good fortune.

Exiles by Michelle Kiefer (12K)
Every loss has torn a little piece out of them, until the individuals that remain are forever altered from their original form.

I Saw The Sun by Obfusc8er (5K)
A universal constant and its influence.

In This World by TLynn (37K)
Another chance is lost, but a hope is renewed.

Key To The Kingdom by Penny Evans (194K)
Mulder discovers the truth about himself and the outcome for mankind is held in the balance.

Love Through Tears Like Whispers Fall by MeGgiE42 (5K)
"The whole thing seemed like a strange dream, one that had hurtled her emotions in every which way."

The Mexican Absolution by ArtemisX5 (18K)
Sometimes you gotta fight before you can forgive.

A Midnight Clear by mountainphile (28K)
The phrase "Peace on earth, good will toward men" is nothing more than outdated drivel, considering what he knows of the future. However, this Christmas Eve stranger realities shanghai Mulder's thoughts from doomsday concerns.

The Only Truth I Know by Jean Helms (19K)
"It's when he hides his eyes, pressing his face against her body in desperation, that he can hide nothing from her. In his secrecy is his truth."

The Real Version of the Truth by Girlie_girl7 (16K)
The sun gleams off a sport-utility as it crosses the open desert.

The Right to Remain Silent [A] by Suture (5K)
Snapshot of what early to middle period Mulder and Scully on the lam may look like

Something in Common by Polly & SLS (35K)
"I'm a man who values the truth, remember? That's something we do have in common."

The Storm [A] by Bonetree (7K)
An ending, and a beginning.

The Truth and Consequences by addicted2fanfic (7K)
What happened after the fadeout.

Two Such Men by Horatio (21K)
Doggett makes one last stop before leaving New Mexico.

What Child is This? by mountainphile (24K)
These days, after what Scully's seen and now knows of the future, she's not sure what constitutes a bona fide act of God... but isn't this the season for miracles?

Wishful Thinking by E.D. (8K)
Skinner tries to soften the blow.