Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
Christmas Carol/Emily

After Emily by Donna (5K)
"He nodded. 'She was your child, Scully,' he said as though that explained everything."

After The Storm by Annette Gisby (2K)

A Christmas Appeal by Spookyteacher (5K)
Mulder spends Christmas alone until Scully calls from an Diego with a request.

Feeling Safe by Donna (6K)
Scully's thoughts on leaving the church.

Feeling Safer by Donna (7K)
Sequel to Feeling Safe. "He wasn't entirely sure what she needed, but whatever it was he would get it for her."

His Emily Thoughts by Donna (4K)
What was he thinking as he waited for Scully to join him downstairs in Bill's home?

Interlude by Christina M Simmons (16K)
Mulder comes to San Diego in response to Scully's news about the case into which she's fallen.

Outsider by shannono (2K)
Mulder's thoughts (and fears) in the hospital chapel.

Reparations [A] by Sheryl Martin (17K)
Scully has a personal crisis, and Mulder is there...

She Needs Her by Pattie (6K)
How did Bill Jr., Mom, and Mulder react to Scully's discovery of Emily Sim?

Touched But Never Held by Rachel Anton (87K)
What happens after the funeral

What We Risk by Lydia Bower (7K)
From the author: "Post-Emily vignette. Saying any more will give it away."