Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
Redux/Redux II

Abel and Cain by Ten (12K)
Dana realises that Bill Scully had a few words with Mulder...

Beyond Repair by Jaiden (9K)
Margaret Scully discovers Mulder alone in a church across from the hospital where her daughter is staying.

Burning In Heaven by Lydia Bower (28K)
A late-night celebration in a hospital room.

Choices by Erin M. Blair (2K)
Mulder reflects about the deal at Scully's bedside.

Cold and Broken by Circe Invidiosa (4K)
"I was lost last night..."

Everything in her Life by Michelle Kiefer (9K)
Sometimes we are allowed to be present at important moments in strangers' lives.

Final Arrangements by Michelle Kiefer (7K)
They were signs of a life ticking away its finite minutes.

The Galaxy Box by Ten (14K)
A few hours after the final scene of "Redux II", Scully makes a discovery that opens up a whole new universe of possibilities for herself and Mulder.

Infallible by Nichole (16K)
A guilty Mulder and a lonely Scully find a common ground.

Living With Words by Susanne Barringer (23K)
Mulder's presumed suicide causes some unanticipated problems between the partners.

Meditations on a Life Gone By by syntax6 (9K)
A late night cup of a coffee and a conversation.

Melioration by Oracle (10K)
A late autumn bloom.

One Sorry Son of a Bitch by Brandon D. Ray (6K)
From the author: "Let's rewrite the scene where Scully's brother confronts Mulder in the hospital hallway, shall we?"

Praying for Health by Erin M. Blair (1K)
Scully knows what she needs to do in order to fight the cancer that is invading her body.

The Price of a Miracle by X-Phylia (15K)
Miracles are not cheap.

Reprieve by Wylfcynne (25K)
"My headache's back," she whispered. "I got dizzy in the shower and almost fell."

Shield of Lies by shannono (7K)
Scully's thoughts as she testifies before the FBI panel.

Waiting For A Miracle by Dana Hale (44K)
Scully has a new chip in her neck. Will it do what it's supposed to?

You're Alive by Erin M. Blair (2K)
Mulder reflects about Scully's remission from cancer.