Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
Small Potatoes

Affinity by Lydia Bower (34K)
Continues the final scene. What happens next?

Big Potatoes [A] by Donnilee (55K)
What happened after they left the jail?

Bring Me Some Wine by Christine Leigh (4K)
Scully writes in her journal.

First Times [A] by Lara Means (105K)
Scully forces Mulder to deal with the Eddie Van Blundht incident and gets more than she may have bargained for.

It Should Have Been You [A] by Cybill & Xfilesopus (16K)
Mulder and Scully discuss what happened between her and Eddie Van Blundht. Things are revealed...literally.

Let Me Discount the Ways by David Stoddard-Hunt (17K)
Is a new couch really an answer?

The Potato Harvest by Ten (43K)
Filling in the time after Mulder bursts in on Eddie and Dana in "Small Potatoes", and resolving the impact of the agents' little trip to the jail a month later... Harvest time!

Secret Garden by Lydia Bower (31K)
Companion piece to Affinity. Continues the final scene as seen from Mulder's POV.

Through the Looking Glass by Sheryl Martin (6K)
Mulder wonders how he must look to others.