Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
Never Again

The Bar Scene: Race the Wind by Michelle Kiefer (14K)
Maybe it was as simple as wanting to see if her body remembered how to respond.

By Choice by Annette Gisby (7K)
Scully's actions in the episode cause the agents some angst.

Careful by Oracle (18K)
Isn't this what she's always wanted?

De Novo by TLynn (13K)
"He wanted more than pictures. He needed more. He needed to see it on her for himself."

Everything [A] by Philiater (15K)

Forever Etched by Brandon D. Ray & Brynna (18K)
Mulder & Scully try to put the pieces back together in the aftermath of the episode.

Never Again Aftermath by Erin M. Blair (6K)
Mulder finally tells Scully the truth about his feelings following the last scene in "Never Again."

Never Before, Never Again by Caroline McKenna (18K)
What may have happened after that last scene in the X-Files office.

Never-Ever--Again by MystPhile (23K)
From the author: "Premise: Scully and Mulder are lovers preceding NA. This one's for Nikki, explanation in end notes."

A Place to Start by Lydia Bower (8K)
Mulder takes the first step towards a better understanding of Scully.

There's No Place Like Home by Brandon D. Ray (11K)
"She raised her eyes and looked at her partner again. 'Mulder? This car accident? This was...this was after I got back from Philadelphia, right?'