Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
Paper Hearts

All The King's Women by Ten (21K)
Mulder begins falling to pieces after "Paper Hearts," only to find offers of redemption from unlikely sources.

Bon Voyage with an Open Book by bcfan (5K)
Reading himself to sleep.

Healing Heart by Donna (4K)
Vignette written for the BtS Missing Scene/Post Ep Fic Challenge

I Want to Believe by Annette Gisby (3K)
"I don't want to believe that I am alone."

Just One by Cathleen Faye (169K)
The emotional upheaval of Paper Hearts draw Mulder and Scully closer. But in their future lies a series of events that will severely test each independent soul and threaten their attempts to merge two lives into one.

Nexus by xphilernj (6K)
One last heart unaccounted for. One last ache to be locked away. One last heart left to be pondered, worried over and then labeled 'unsolved,' but not forgotten. Mulder would never forget.

The Wisdom of a Man by Lydia Bower (22K)
Mulder visits Scully when he realizes that his search for the truth is not the only important thing in his life.