Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

Apres Des Demons by Donna (5K)
After that shot . . .

Back From Hell by Macspooky (29K)
Scully takes Mulder home from the hospital and deals with the after affects of Dr. Goldstein's treatment and her own anger at him for ditching her yet again.

Demons in the Light of Day by Vickie Moseley (10K)
What happened between Mulder collapsing and Scully typing at the end of 'Demons'.

Impossible Pursuit by X-Phylia (16K)
When life spirals down to the ground, there's only so much you can do.

In Perspective by Donna (4K)
What really matters?

Letting the Demons Go by Vickie Moseley (85K)
What happened from the time of Scully's phone call on Friday to the time Mulder wakes up on Sunday and beyond.

Safe From Demons by Donna (17K)
After she found him at the cabin . . .

An Unnatural Mother by Agent L (14K)
Teena Mulder's thoughts at her son's bedside shortly after the events of Demons.