Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

At First Sight by Rebecca Ford (7K)
As young Agent Dana Scully nervously awaits her meeting with Chief Blevins regarding her work at the FBI, she notices someone who catches her eye. Did this just happen to be a coincidence, or was it something more?

Bus Number Thirty, Weekdays by Rachel Wilder (7K)
Scully prepares for her first day of work on the X-Files

Candles Burning Brightly [A] by Erin M. Blair (8K)
It was just a kiss...and so much more. Both of them knew that this kiss... this moment in time would change their life forever.

The New Assignment by Sara B. (4K)
From the author: "I always wondered what went through Dana Scully's mind after leaving Belvins' office on her way to meet Fox Mulder. This is one scenario."

The Road Not Taken by Brandon D. Ray (9K)
Every time a choice is made, an alternative is discarded.

A Three Fish Man by Mary Parker (4K)
For Mulder, nothing changes and everything changes when Scully is assigned to the X-Files.

Tilt by Michelle Kiefer (6K)
It was as if the planet had tilted, and the ground had dropped out from under her feet.

Waiting For His Partner by Sara B. (4K)
Companion piece to The New Assignment. The other side of the coin, Mulder's thoughts after he learns he's being assigned a spy, I mean partner.