Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

Burning Fire [A] by Wildafox (32K)
An invitation to Lord Marsden's party in a posh hotel ignites the fire between Mulder and Scully a few days after Phoebe Green has left for London.

Good Partners by Wylfcynne (16K)
From the author: "if I say 'black silk boxers' you'll know what scene this follows... :-)"

Greene With Envy [A] by Obfusc8er (53K)
An old flame comes back to burn Mulder.

Resisting a Three-Pipe Problem by aka "Jake" (8K)
"Fire" spoke volumes about Mulder and Scully's fledgling relationship. Do you think Scully was paying attention along with the rest of us?

Smoke Signals by Lara Means (5K)
The view from across the parking garage.