Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
Fallen Angel

After The Hearing by Macspooky (9K)
Scully realizes that Mulder is having difficulty managing with his leg in a cast.

Angel in the Wings by Sally Bahnsen (99K)
What happened in the time between when Mulder being escorted from the warehouse by Colonel Henderson and the night/morning before the hearing.

Dictionary by Waddles52 (27K)
Mulder was on crutches at the end of Fallen Angel. Just a little look at how he coped with the injury in the first few days.

Fallen Kisses [A] by Erin M. Blair (5K)
Mulder and Scully get closer as the case winds down.

None So Blind [A] by bcfan (103K)
Child sexual abuse cases leave Mulder and Scully struggling for resolution.