Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.
Fight The Future

And Then He Kissed Me by Pattie (5K)
What happened after they walked into the sunset

The Arrival and the Reunion by tree (9K)
a fever-dream fairy-tale

A Celebrated Beginning by Caroline McKenna (14K)
What really happened after Mulder and Scully returned from Antarctica?

Don't Quit by RocketMan (10K)
Scully POV in the hallway

Estancia [A] by Alanna (211K)
The long journey home...

Frosty by bcfan (8K)
Their snowman's anniversary.

Frozen Hearts by Ten (42K)
After being rescued in Antarctica, Scully wakes up alone.

Frozen Hearts II - Spring Has Sprung by Ten (12K)
It's time to not waste any more time.

Laid Bare by Ten (46K)
Let us NOT slow pan up up and away from that crater hug...

Magic Shell #5: Caroling [A] by Wylfcynne (9K)

Maybe I'm Amazed by shannono (8K)
Companion piece to Take a Bow. Mulder answers Scully's biggest question following the events of the movie.

Moments in Black and White and Gold by Ten (10K)
Colours define and capture what is important.

On Your Back by shannono (6K)
On his way to Antarctica, Mulder passes the time by writing a letter to Scully.

A Question of Balance by shannono (4K)
Mulder enjoys a moment of happiness, uncertain though it may be.

Reflections in the Reflecting Pool by Girlie_girl7 & FoxFireX (12K)
"Hands still clasped, they make their way along the reflecting pool. Its tranquil surface mocking the turmoil they both feel."

Secret Euology by mountainphile (2K)
Personal sacrifice is more than a necessary evil.

Six Days and Seven Nights by Eleanore (40K)
After their return from Antarctica, Scully and Mulder hole up together in a hotel to rest and heal.

Stitches in Time by Vickie Moseley (44K)
Third person observation of Mulder's gunshot wound and hospital stay.

Take a Bow by shannono (13K)
Scully ponders her fate, then discovers that it may not be decided after all.