Screencap courtesy of Chrisnu.

Barking Mad [A] by bcfan (6K)
Queequeg is pissed.

The Cupcake by Pattie (12K)
Why is Scully the last to realize she isn't dating a nice, eligible bachelor?

Face of Madness by Vickie Moseley (69K)
"She turned toward him at the sound of the bitter laughter. 'Well, I guess now we know what really scares you, huh, Scully,' he said sarcastically. 'It's me.'"

An Issue of Trust by Jenna (11K)
"It's always an issue of trust with us, Scully. It always will be."

Our Darker Purpose by Rae Lynn (27K)
Mulder and Scully and the aftermath of "Grotesque." Scully's POV.

Slaying the Monster [A] by Donnilee (17K)
Scully uses a new weapon to bring Mulder out of the slump following the Patterson case.

True Reflections by Obfusc8er (29K)
Mulder struggles with the aftermath of profiling.