Beyond 44:58
an X-Files post-ep fanfic archive

OCTOBER 26, 2009

Welcome to our new home! Since Geocities has closed down, the post-ep archive has moved to a new address. A big thank you to Jenn for creating this site and allowing us to keep it open, and to all the helpers who assisted in saving files and checking links during the move. For now, the site has been preserved as Jenn left it in 2007, but we hope to update it again in the future.

Thanks for all the support!

Welcome to Beyond 44:58, an archive of post-episode/missing scene, predominately MSR fanfiction. Created in November 2004, this archive hoped to fill a void in the wake of fanfic site closings. Special Thanks goes out to the authors of the work found here. Without you, there would be no archive.